Opportunities in the Lab

Contact me at josep993@msu.edu if you want to talk about joining the lab! Graduate students in my lab can apply through the Plant Biology program and have an option to get involved in the Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, & Behavior (EEBB) program. I encourage potential postdocs to consider applying for independent funding and am happy to help develop project ideas for postdoc fellowships.

About the Lab

The Josephs Lab is based at Michigan State University in the Department of Plant Biology. MSU is a fun and vibrant place to be a scientist with lots of opportunities to collaborate locally (the lab shares a hallway with the Weber Lab, the Niederhuth Lab, and the Lowry Lab) as well as with other researchers in either the Plant Biology department or the many other life sciences departments. There are lots of great things about living in the East Lansing/Lansing area: affordability, all four seasons, lakes (great and not-great), microbreweries, and minor-league baseball. You can also use your hand to explain to people where you live.