Welcome to the Josephs Lab

We study the evolutionary genetics of wild and domesticated plants by using genomic data, experiments, and new methods to understand how evolution has shaped the variation we see today.


August 2019

Congrats to Josephs lab collaborator Jennifer Blanc for winning the award for best student poster at Midwest Population Genetics 2019!!

July 2019

The Josephs lab is hiring a postdoc for a funded project studying TE polymorphism effects on traits in maize. More info here.

March 2019

A few of Emily's recent talks are now on the internet! You can watch a 5 minute lighting talk from the Green Life Science Symposium at the University of Michigan here and a 20 minute talk at the SMBE satellite meeting on polygenic adaptation in Vienna here.

January 2019

The Josephs Lab is open at MSU and now features both walls and furniture!

July 2018

The Josephs Lab website is live! The physical lab is in progress.

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