Welcome to the Josephs Lab

We study the evolutionary genetics of wild and domesticated plants by using genomic data, experiments, and new methods to understand how evolution has shaped the variation we see today.


June 2023

Lab members are heading to Evolution 2023 in Albuquerque, NM. Emily and Nate are giving talks. Sophie, Asia, Mia, and Maya are giving posters. Good luck and stay cool!

June 2023

We welcome Magie Williams as the new research tech. in the lab!

April 2023

We welcome Chrissy Miller as a postdoc in the lab!

April 2023

Miles' paper on expression and plasticity in Arabidopsis was accepted! Check it out here.

Febuary 2023

Maya's paper on seasonal niche differentiation in native and invaded ranges of Capsella is out! Check it out AJB's site

September 2021

Our lab was featured on MSU Today for our new grant studying the evolution of gene-environment interactions.

August 2021

We have a new paper on plasticity of gene expression and herbicide evolution is out in Evolution Letters. You can read more about it on the plant biology department website here.

August 2020

The lab is growing! Welcome to new postdoc Rebecca Panko, bioinformatician Adrian Platts, as well as rotation students Asia Hightower, Sophie Buysse, and Miles Roberts

August 2020

Some new work from the lab is out on biorxiv. First, Jennifer Blanc's cool paper investigating local adaptation in maize gene expression. Second, collaborative work with Li Wang and Matt Hufford investigating parallel adaptation in highland maize

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